What is Key?

Recently the laws and regulations around ICO have become stricter, resulting in countless headaches before actually performing the ICO itself. However, not all of this is detrimental, as we believe that the screening of ICO cases for scams is the first step to providing a healthy environment for future investment. We wish to provide a one-stop solution to those attractive cases to deliver a safe and sound way to perform an ICO.


What we do?

We provide an all-inclusive one-stop solution towards a successful ICO for those businesses with truly fascinating business models in place.

Our Vision

We wish to provide an environment where the client (business) can solely focus on developing their service by providing full support from planning to secondary making of the token.


Shinsuke Nakano

Key Foundation CEO

United Nations Economic and Social Council PRIDE ASIA Director

After company management at New York, acquire license No. 1 at Macau and operate a Cryptocurrency exchange. He also serve on the board of the UN Economic and Social Council PRIDE Asia.

Yoshiki Goto

Technical Manager

Since 15 years ago, in the system development industry, engaged in engineering and management. It is mainly specialized in Web services. From the idea of a bridge between people and systems, we constantly plan and design services on a daily basis with the aim of becoming "user-oriented", "system linking people with people" that does not depend on technology alone .

Qin Gang

Exective Partner

I work on public charitable charity project for a long time and are striving to disseminate public charity projects in the fields of China's theater, cultural exchange, developing regional support, international cultural exchange and so on.

Toyofumi Muramatsu

Key Foundation CMO

United Nations Economic and Social Council PRIDE ASIA Director

He belongs to the military hazard material as former US official affairs. Representative of membership investor club. Seminar lecturer Grand Prix won. We are building a wide range of knowledge and networks in the fields of finance and cryptography currencies.

Ohshu Fukutomi

Exective Partner

- FUKUTOMI Co.,LTD. Chairman
- Nofire Japan Chairman
- Fintech Co.,LTD. Chairman
- Completed graduate school of Kyoto University

Derek Q

Exective Partner

Started stock investment at the age of 14 at 2003, and started a construction painting company at the age of 17 in 2007. From 2011 we will do three restaurant management. Transfer the restaurant business at the end of 2013 and start the trade business. In 2014 to make Victory Electronic Technology Limited Company and invest 300 million yuan. Established the QE Group in 2015 and joined the key foundation in 2018.