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Key Foundation

Key Ex (Exchange)

Key encryption currency exchange. We provide an unprecedented feeling of operation with the slogan "Exchange that anyone can operate easily, no need for instructions".

Key Bank

It is a banking business with a bank full license. It is an important business as a debit card issuer and covering other exchanges.

Key Payment

We offer the world's highest security card type hard wallet. It also has the role of Key EX's login key.

Lisence Issuer

It also serves as an issuance review and approval agency for MDMA licenses, and issues licenses to institutions and companies that meet the requirements.

Key Registry Compliance

US Seattle-based company headquartered in SEC compliant legal affairs. It is an agency that ranks cryptographic transit exchanges and encryption currencies.

Business Consulting

We will conduct business consulting on cryptographic currency in general, such as building business using encryption currency, financing funds.

Key Ex

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Based on the sophisticated UI / UX, a secure network and security security server ensures stable operation.

  • Easy operation feel unnecessary for instructions
  • Simple screen easy to operate even for beginners
  • Stable infrastructure protected by robust servers
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Key Bank

In-house bank with bank's full license

Key Bank realizes the smart bank concept. It means full-scale entry into the financial markets such as covering cryptographic currency exchanges scattered throughout the world and issuing debit cards.

  • Issuing a debit card in cooperation with encryption currency
  • Covering another encryption currency exchange
  • Can make overseas remittance
Key Payment

Hard Wallet And Security Card

We strongly protect customers' assets with card type hard wallet using the world's highest security technology. The coins stored on the card make it impossible to hack from crackers.

Hacking rampant cryptography On the currency exchange, the best way to protect assets is to manage themselves. Of course it is also very easy to keep coins in Key Ex, just touch the card to the smartphone.

Lisence Issuer

We are the jury of the license of the Cryptocurrency exchange.

We will conduct a company review on the issue of the virtual currency license issued by "China Macau Digital Assets Management Association" approved by the Chinese government. We will provide consulting services to companies and exchanges until license acquisition.

Key Registry Compliance

Cryptocurrency's Compliance

It is a group of lawyers who builds up and audits a system compliant with "SEC" compliance, a federal government agency that oversees and monitors securities transactions such as stocks and public and corporate bonds in the United States. The Key Registry Compliance also performs cryptographic currency exchanges and coin ratings.
- As an advisor to the active SEC Director, we will establish a global standard for compliance in the crypto-currency market.

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Coming Soon

Renewal Key Ex

Key Ex will be reborn. In late January 2019, we renewed everything and we will show off a new "new crypto currency exchange" that we have never seen before. Please stay tuned.